Raaggiri was founded in 2015 as a tribute to Indian classical music by a committed bunch of aficionados who grew up in the enchanting world of shruti-swar, sur-taal, that-gamak discussing the doyens. We endeavour to promote, preserve and nurture the rich traditions of Indian classical music in its various forms – vocal, instrumental and dance.

Indian classical music is the melting pot of the great cultural past shared across the subcontinent. We hope to continue the tradition of initiating dialogue between the glorious past and a digitized present through classical music. A means of understanding and appreciating our roots, this initiative is the culmination of our dream.

The vision behind Raaggiri is also to create, develop and promote a mindset that encourages social changes & reforms in the society. Music is the universal language of mankind, with this thought Raaggiri aims to establish connect with the weak, the helpless, the under privileged & the especially able. We are trying to contribute in their progress, recreation & resettlement.