Raaggiri is a platform that’s enabling change and creating togetherness through music. Our endeavour is to make school going children more aware about the Indian culture and art forms. We are committed to spreading Indian music and India’s various art forms in schools that don’t talk about these. Besides this, Raaggiri aims at driving a social change through music in the country, creating betterment and building a perspective for development and progress. The goal is also to uplift the weak, neglected, backward, minority, specially abled and any section of society that is lagging behind, through music. The idea is to act as a catalyst in their progress, rehabilitation and recreation with the help of Indian music. It is an initiative to help them grow and bloom with their own talent and bring it to the forefront.

We have organised ‘सुनेंगे तभी तो सीखेंगे’ workshop supported by Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA)