We can not let classical music die. It has to be nurtured and promoted. That’s our mission.

Music is creation. It connects us with the society and helps in bringing about a change. The creation of RAAGGIRI is for the development and promotion of all forms of music; all areas of culture and tradition by collaborating with government-public-private organizations. Our Focus is to establish connect with the weaker, under privileged, scheduled castes, dalits, minority and also with the physically and mentally disabled people through music, thus contributing in their progress, resettlement and recreation.

When our actions become  habits, we don’t need to remind ourselves of them again and again. Habits are part of human nature. We all are used to something or the other, whether it is a person or our society, a state or the traditions in life. But it is difficult to always maintain these habits. Everyone has an aim in life but seldom do we walk the path that will take us to our ultimate destination and fulfill our aim. And this becomes all the more challenging when our goal is to change the existing norms and bring about social changes to improve the existing situation; when we choose the path of creation. Negative thinking comes in the way of positive energy again and again. A lot of time and efforts are spent to replace the wrong with the righteous. But there is a very easy, simple and truthful way of doing so. This is the path of music where creation is not practice but a habit. The moment a tune is played, music finds an outlet itself. The music born then purifies our entire soul. We feel that creation is the fundamental need of our times. Raaggiri was born with this very thought. With a small desire that creation becomes the habit of all including every person, society and the states. The good starts happening on its own; the evil thoughts perish; that music becomes the national anthem, the centre of the nation and that our nation once again becomes the master of spiritual power. We wish that our culture and traditions become an inspiration for all; that its very diversity become the oneness that unites India.

Raaggiri will focus on the following points through this initiative-

  1. Will try to change the music in every heart into a habit.
  2. Change music into a thought process in countries, states, cities, localities, villages and every household.
  3. To eliminate the social evils, dissatisfaction and flaws in humans through music.
  4. 4.To get rid of negativity with the help of music.
  5. To encourage the thought of creation. The drive of creating a positive society through music is Raaggiri.

To engage music each and everyone’s life is Raaggiri. The hope of nation building is Raaggiri.